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CanaROCK installed
The CanaROCK building system is the latest innovation in prefinished, do-it-yourself exterior cladding systems. This cost-effective system will add strength and durability to any home or building. It increases the R-Value and energy efficiancy by utilizing an EPS 9Expanded Polystyrene) core that enables structures to keep warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. It's tough exterior coating resists cracking and abrasion, making CanaROCK a sustainable soution for Canada's harsh climate. Available in a variety of colours and designs. CanaROCK will add beauty and value to your home building.
Canarock panels
Advantages of using CanaROCK
  • CanaROCK is a prefinished insulated panel system (PIPS)
  • Manufactured in a controlled environment
  • Do-it-yourself installation process
  • Adds r-value (3.75 per inch of eps)
  • Beautifies any exterior
  • Tough abrasive resistant coating
  • Suitable for various substrates
  • Over a dozen attractive colours to choose from
  • Leed acreddited
  • Cost effective exterior cladding solution